About Gena

I have spent my career making a difference in my community by bringing people together to find common ground on tough issues. That is exactly the kind of leadership we need right now.

“I’m running for the State Legislature to get Salem’s priorities straight by focusing on what matters to Bend: making big corporations pay their fair share to fund our schools, supporting policies like paid sick days, family leave, and affordable housing that support working families and allow us to live and thrive in the community we love. I think it’s time for a state representative who will be on the side of Bend’s hard working families, not big corporations.”

Gena Goodman-Campbell


From 2007 to 2009, Gena Goodman-Campbell led a successful campaign to help protect the Badlands Wilderness, which culminated with the passage through U.S. Congress of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Act. She helped bring together a diverse coalition of supporters, ranging from the faith community to over 200 local business owners, including several of Central Oregon’s top employers. Today Goodman-Campbell is the Central Oregon Wilderness Coordinator for the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA).

“I’ve spent my career moving our community forward by combining a strong vision for the future with the solutions to make it happen,” said Goodman-Campbell, candidate for House District 54. “I’m running for the State Legislature to get Salem’s priorities straight by focusing on what matters – funding our schools, creating good paying jobs by helping local businesses, and leveling the playing field by making the incomes of ordinary Oregonians our top priority.”

Goodman-Campbell’s mother was an elementary school teacher and her father was a city planner. At a young age, they instilled in Gena the value of service to the community that she has always followed.  A third generation Oregonian, Goodman-Campbell is a graduate of Colorado College.

“Right now, the incomes of working Oregonians are flat-lining, while the incomes of the richest one percent continue to rise,” said Goodman-Campbell. “Every Oregonian deserves a fair shot at getting ahead, affordable housing in the community where they work, and access to clean air and water. As a State Representative, I will work to make sure that progress on these issues is felt by all Oregonians, not just a few.”