About Gena

“I am running for city council to bring a fresh perspective to city government. I know what it’s like to wonder if my family will be able afford to live here in the future. I will work to increase options for affordable housing and childcare, support small businesses, and create more secure jobs with fair pay.”

From 2007 to 2009, Gena Goodman-Campbell led a successful campaign to help protect the Badlands Wilderness, which culminated with the passage through U.S. Congress of the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Act. She helped bring together a diverse coalition of supporters, ranging from the faith community to over 200 local business owners, including several of Central Oregon’s top employers. Today Goodman-Campbell is the Public Lands Coordinator for the Oregon Natural Desert Association (ONDA).

In 2016, Gena ran for state representative in House District 54, an experience that gave her a unique perspective on the day to day concerns of Bendites. Her conversations with people from every part of the city shaped her priorities: affordable housing, a transportation system that works for everyone, and protecting our quality of life as Bend continues to grow.

“I’ve spent my career moving our community forward by combining a strong vision for the future with the solutions to make it happen.”

Goodman-Campbell’s mother was an elementary school teacher and her father was a city planner. At a young age, they instilled in Gena the value of service to the community that she has always followed.  A third generation Oregonian, Goodman-Campbell is a graduate of Colorado College. Gena has lived in Bend for 12 years. In March of 2018,  Gena and her husband Evan welcomed their first child.

“After knocking on doors all over Bend and hearing thousands of peoples’ stories, I knew I needed to find a way to serve our community and help tackle the biggest challenges impacting Bendites today. I am excited to get out into the community and talk with people who feel like their voices aren’t currently being heard at the city level.”