With housing costs skyrocketing and a shortage of over 5000 affordable homes, creating more housing options is Gena’s top priority.

Gena will implement creative solutions to increase the amount of affordable housing in Bend. She will seek partnerships with businesses, developers, and non-profit organizations to come up with innovative ways to ensure more housing units are built, and that new homes are affordable for the people who live and work here now.

Gena will be a strong voice for the hardworking people of Bend. She will work to ensure people cannot be evicted without a reason and that rent increases come with adequate notice and are not so dramatic that people get priced out of their homes. Gena will lead on exploring policies to require new development in Bend to set aside a percentage of new units for affordable housing.

Gena supports efforts to maximize use of existing lands within the city and foster the development of a variety of housing options that will better meet the needs of our citizens through the Urban Growth Boundary plan. Gena will work to focus denser development in areas like the Bend Central District, were we can create vibrant new “complete communities” with minimal impact on existing neighborhoods. She believes that it is critical that new development happens in conjunction with transportation improvements to reduce congestion and give all residents safe access to a connected system of walking and biking routes, as well as public transit.



In Bend, a healthy environment goes hand-in-hand with a thriving economy. Just as Gena brought people together to protect the Badlands, as a city councilor Gena will continue to work to protect our public lands and the clean air and clean water that help Bend thrive.

Gena will lead Bend’s efforts to do our part to fight climate change by making city operations more efficient, saving tax payers money in the process.

Gena is endorsed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.


Gena believes Bend’s transportation system needs to be safer and more efficient for everyone whether they drive, walk, bike, or take public transit. Gena will work to increase safety by ensuring new streets that are constructed are inherently safer by design, encouraging more consistent enforcement of traffic laws, and advocating for a 20mph speed limit around parks.

Gena will look at the big picture of how transportation and housing fit together to determine how we can build a more efficient transportation network for the future. The ability to make a quick trip to the store by car, foot or bike should not be available to just a privileged few. Everyone should have access to neighborhood centers with grocery stores, shops and restaurants within a short distance from their home.